What We Are

ALII, was originally founded in 1983 as a full service asbestos removal company. Since then ALII has grown and provides asbestos inspection & surveying services, environmental engineering services, structural demolition service and renovation services in support of environmental projects

ALII lead the industry in providing asbestos services to the residential sector than any other company in the southeastern region of the US. In addition to leading the residential sector, ALII have successfully completed over 3,000 projects in all sectors (residential, public, and private). With over 3000 successfully completed projects ranging from $2,000 to $22 million, ALII have a proven record that it is fully capable of executing contracts. American Logistics International, Inc., is fully insured and bonded.

ALII provide its services either in a prime or subcontractor mode, or under a turn-key agreement wherein the owner/prime contractor turns the entire project over to ALII for contract completion. ALII use formal Project Management procedures as the basic tool to plan schedule and control all projects. ALII’s Project Management documents outline all the essential elements of the projects, i.e., personnel, materials, resources, start/end dates, cost and other items necessary for project completion.

All ALII personnel meet or exceed required standards. ALII comply with training standards outlined in Federal OSHA standard 29 CFR 1926, 1910.0001 and 1910.134.

SUMMARY: American Logistics International, Inc. is a company made up of highly skilled, experienced and professional people committed to providing contracted services in a safe environment, on time and within budget. American Logistics International, Inc. appreciates your willingness to consider the company for your next environmental project. Should you have questions or need additional information regarding American Logistics International, Inc., please contact us at information@ali-service.com